Writing Tips

Day 2

Create a character with personality traits of someone you love, but physical trails of someone you don’t care for. 

Male – early 50s. 

Sarcastic, humorous – Likes to tease, enjoys riling up others

Adventurous – Loves camping, wilderness, hunting, fishing. Wants to skydive.

Intelligent – Reads world and politic news, enjoys chemistry, nature and space.

Loyal – Stands by his friends, willing to always help.

Humble – Doesn’t think he’s better than others

Handy – Good with tools, able to fix issues around the house, likes building

Creative – Enjoys making items with different materials. i.e. papercraft, popsicle sticks, wood, etc.

Fierce – Will guard his own with his life. Very protective.

Quiet – Absorbs information, thinks it over before commenting.


Tall, around 6’2”. Has long silver hair, thinning on the top and usually kept in a ponytail. A little doughy in the middle, can tell he used to be fit, only recently going to seed. Tanned skin, laugh lines. Handsome in an older, well-worn way. Faint Portuguese accent, loud booming voice. Hearty laugh. Moves with confidence.


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