Writing Tips

Day 3

Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

This is where we go camping, a truly breathtaking area. It’s wild and nearly untouched by man, located in the middle of Crown’s Land.

A loon cried in the distance. Its haunting call was answered by its mate. Trees surrounded the lake, towering high above the water. Pines, oaks and brush grew thick and wild. A riot of colour was splashed across the forest as autumn slowly encroached on summer. Leaves were turning red, orange and yellow. Vivid green from the pines intermingled with the oaks.

The ground itself was rocky with only a thin layer of dirt. Moss and dead vegetation covered the massive boulders. Patches of blueberries thrived throughout the forest. Tiny, overgrown trails cut through the underbrush made by small animals.

The lake was placid and serene. Sun glinted off its greenish blue water. Insects buzzed around leafy fronds, dodging croaking frogs and jumping fish. A small creek drained from the lake, weaving down its own rocky path, worn by centuries of movement. The second, smaller pond was stagnant and overrun with vegetation. Choked with weeds, lily pads and pussy willows only insects thrived. Fish had long since died out. Marshy grass ringed the water, making it almost impossible to approach.


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