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Character’s Voice

I’m now 130 pages out of 191 (give or take a few) with my book for the re-write. While it is proving to be painfully slow, I’m enjoying the visit back to the book. I’d refused to read any of it for almost 8 months after I finished it. I wanted to forget what I’ve written. Well, not the plot or the characters, but the words. I find that I get caught up in the words and I can’t think of any other way to state what I mean. With time and distance, it’s easier for me to play with the sentence structure, the emotions and the descriptions. I also have the bigger picture in mind now. Before, I couldn’t see all the characters clearly. I didn’t know who they were or how they’d react in a given situation. 

Currently, I’m at one pivotal scene and I hated it. Honestly, just hated it because I made the secondary character into a pansy ass sap. It was completely against who he is and how he’d react. The words were wrong coming from his mouth and I felt like I’d just trashed his whole personality. He’s appeared in my two other books and the fourth book will be about him. I have a much better handle on him. He’s speaking to me clearly. Now I just need to fix the scene. And by fix, I mean delete almost everything I’d written and start with his voice in my head. 


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