Writing Tips

Day 5

Write a 20-line poem about a memorable moment in your life.

Round belly, full of life.
Rippling waves crash on the ocean shore.
Fingers clenched tight in pain
As she yells “No more!”

Panting, crying, gasping for breath,
She screams as another wave hits.
How much more can she take
Before her body splits?

He soothes her brow with a tender kiss
His voice low and calm.
His loving lips and steady hands were
A much needed balm.

Why did she agree to this?
Torture, agony, drowning in fear,
How much longer can she endure?
She begged for the end to be near.

A wail pierces the air, innocent and young.
Sucking in his first breath of air,
Tiny arms and legs flail about
As he’s placed into his mother’s gentle care.

I used to write quite a bit of poetry when I was younger. I loved writing them, but I’ve gotten out of practice. I honestly can’t remember all the rules to writing poetry. If I’ve gotten this wrong, well, I’m not too surprised. 🙂


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