Writing Tips


I was going to write a new post. I swear I really was. Today is Day 9 and I was to write a story around a sentence I heard on TV. Sadly, the time got away from me. That and I don’t watch much TV nowadays. I didn’t think to turn it on before I left for work, so I didn’t have the sentence to write around. When I got home, I spent the time playing with my kid and then re-writes for my book. I’m so close to completion that I didn’t want to stop. 

I have stopped, of course, to write this post. An apology post. Hmm, that is pretty Canadian, isn’t it. Apologizing for something I didn’t do. *laughs* Oh well, at least I got around 20 pages done for my book. I’m sitting with just 25 left. Yay! I can’t wait to finish this second draft. Once it’s done, it’s off to the beta readers. It’d be nice to have more beta readers though. Currently I only have two and sometimes they get swamped with life. It’s understandable. Heck, today I got swamped with life and something had to give. 

Once I have this draft done, I’m asking a few friends if they’d like to read it over. Hopefully one or two of them will say yes.


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