My Books

So Horrible…

I know, I’ve been absolutely horrible at updating or even finishing my writing assignments. In my defense though, I have read through two of my books, completed the full re-write for book one and I’m starting on book two. I’ve even started a mental draft of a chapter to put into book two. So I haven’t been completely lax!

The funny thing is, I started reading the draft of my second book, as a reader would, and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it. That seems silly to say, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so polished. Not saying that it’s done by any means! However, there is a lot less work to do to it than book one. I was sucked into the story, enjoying the events as they unfolded. In fact, I’d even forgotten some of the stuff I’d written. And yet, it was like visiting an old friend. I slipped right into the story.

Today, I’ll be writing the chapter for book two.

I still have about 10k works or so to write for book two and usually that takes me about a week to write. And then, I’ll either do the re-write for book two or finish the remaining 15k words for book three. Decisions, decisions…


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