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Throwing Away the Good

I have a title to my novella – Throwing Away the Good. It’s about a human male named Karl. When he was a small child, he’d been kidnapped by a Fae and brought to the land of the Faeries to live as a slave. As an adult, he now has the chance to escape, but can he trust the two Fae willing to help him? He’s seen the cruel, vicious side of the race, can he believe in the compassionate side?

At this point, I’m about halfway completed. This one has been a struggle.  Each time I thought I understood Karl and the events in his life, he’d surprise me. Thankfully for the better. 🙂 I’m quite excited about this novella as I think it’ll be an interesting jumping point for readers into my world. And, it’ll be a free book which is always better. 😉

Once the novella is done and edited, I’ll be posting the links on how to get it here and on my Facebook page.


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