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Release Date

Getting close to the release date for the novella Throwing Away the Good. I’m doing another read through of it and cleaning up any mistakes I may have missed.
This book will be free and stay as free. If it does well, then I’ll write another novella or two as freebies with other minor characters. I have to admit though, I’m thinking of writing a full novel with Karl as the main character. The small glimpse into his life fascinated me.
Once I’m done with this novella,  I’ll be focusing all my energy on Magic Resistant as that release date is fast coming upon me. July 8th is what I’m hoping for which means just over a month.
Oh my god…*hyperventilate* So little time left! At least the cover is done and looking fantastic. I’ll again read it, edit it and hopefully not think the whole thing is crap. I never realized how many self-doubts I could have until I started writing. Every few days, I toss my hands up and wonder how I could possibly think I’m a writer. Then other days I’m so giddy with pride that I can’t wait to share my work.


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