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Cover Art and Tattoos

I love tattoos,  simply adore them. Currently I only have 4 of them and will soon expand upon one of them. Each one has a special meaning to me.
On my hip, I have a Polish eagle with my son’s name above it and his birth date underneath.
The tattoo artist, also a really good friend, was telling me about another customer of his who gave him the incorrect birth date for his granddaughter. We had a chuckle over that and I proceeded to tell him how I wanted my son to be born on 08/08/08 as it would be easy to remember.
Alas his due date was 08/01/08. My friend laughed and said “Well, good thing he waited, right?”
I looked at him, a little confused as I replied “No, he was born on August 1st.”
His look of pure horror had me bursting out laughing. Honestly,  I couldn’t stop laughing as he showed me the date of 08/08/08 in very pretty script under the completed Polish eagle.
We searched through our Facebook chat to verify that it was indeed my fault. I’d given him the wrong date. Even worse, both my husband and I checked over the tattoo and neither one of us caught the wrong date.
Still giggling, I asked him if there was any way to cover it. Muttering to himself about birth certificates, he said it wouldn’t be an issue.
A few weeks later I went back and had the cover up done, 3 gorgeous roses under the eagle.  Red for my husband, purple for me and blue for our son. I adore the roses and feel they add more meaning to the tattoo.
And now, the artist requires a birth certificate for any birth dates. Oops.
Even better, as I love his work, I asked him to design the cover art for my novella. He did an amazing job on it and hopefully he’ll have the time to do more of them for me. I’ll definitely have more tattoos done by him. In fact, my Canadian leaf will soon have more added to it.


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