Rambling about life

Sleep Deprivation

I used to say I could never be a Navy Seal cause the sleep deprivation would do me in. I love sleep. I love going to sleep and I love being asleep. I couldn’t function properly if I didn’t have 8 hours of sleep a night.
Then I had a kid. The first week after his birth, I rode an adrenaline high. The lack of sleep didn’t bother me and I figured soon he’d settle into a routine. Boy was I right about that one.
Little monster was a horrible sleeper! He’d wake up 12 times in an hour. I was getting broken fragments of sleep, maybe two hours total each night. The crazy thing, I was semi-functional. After a while I forgot how it felt to get a full nights sleep.
For almost a year his sleeping was atrocious,  enough to make a grown woman cry. Which I did, several times. Soon after his first birthday, he started sleeping in hour long chunks, waking up four or five times a night. It was heavenly. It wasn’t until his fourth birthday that he started sleeping through the night completely.
These past two nights,  the little monster has been sick and has reminded me of the horrible, long nights we used to share. Yesterday,  he woke up at 3:30 am and was up for the day. Last night, he was up for an hour at 2 am.
Today, I’m a walking zombie and I could now totally become a Navy Seal. If it wasn’t for all the crazy ass physical nightmare they go through.


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