Rambling about life


I absolutely adore camping. And I’m not talking about camp grounds camping or trailer camping where you’re surrounded by other people, there is running water and civilization is a 5 minute drive away.
No, I love the middle of nowhere, no running water or indoor plumbing,  no one else for miles around and only the stuff you hike in with.
For 12 years now, my husband and I along with some friends camp at a remote location on Crown’s land. The nearest town (of about 100 people) is around 30 minutes away. Only those who know this place can find it as you have to trek in to the site.
Our son has been coming with us since his 3rd birthday. This August he will be turning 6. Instead of throwing a party for him, we go camping. As a special treat this year, he’s also coming to Algonquin park the weekend after his birthday. He’s extremely excited.
I’m proud of my little monster, with his love of nature and easygoing attitude.
When I asked him if he wanted cake for his birthday or camping, he didn’t even hesitate. And he loves cake! 😉
I still will make him a cake, it’ll just be for the weekend prior. He’s obsessed with Minecaft and therefore wants a creeper cake. Thankfully he just wants the head so it won’t be too difficult to make… I hope.


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