Before I started writing, I never realized how important reviews are. Most of my reading comes from the big names, ones who already have an established fan base and hundreds of reviews. I didn’t feel the need to add my small voice to the overwhelming tide as I figured I didn’t matter. Who would listen to what I had to say when there were hundreds of others saying the same thing?

Then I started writing. I got involved in a few groups that have indie authors and my viewpoint of reviews has drastically changed. One review can help expose my book to that person’s friends. It can encourage another person to take a chance on my writing even though I’m an unknown. Each time a review is written, someone else knows my book exists.

I read a daunting statistic the other day. Each year there are over ONE MILLION books published. Yes, you read that correctly. With self-publishing and ebooks, so many people are now writing. The market is flooded and that’s not a bad thing. There are many different genres and sub-genres and everyone has their preferences. However, that also means readers have many choices and are less likely to take a chance on an unknown author.

I now make sure to write reviews on the books I enjoy by indie authors. As I’m trying to keep in touch with the different social medias, I cross post it to Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, my blog. For any of my fans though, I’d be grateful and deeply appreciative if they’d post to Amazon and Goodreads. Help spread the love. Encourage others to take a chance.


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