Rambling about life


Around March, my husband and I bought a 10 gallon fish tank for our son. We then bought a ruby shark (named Ruby), a plecko, three zebra danios and three other fish. Out of them, Ruby and two of the zebras survived. We didn’t know a fish tank needed to be cycled before fish were added. The amonia levels rose and killed off most of them. A sad day for our five year old son. Realizing our mistake, we bought the kit to test the water and spent several days monitoring it and stablizing the water.

Now, our little ruby shark has surpassed his inital size of about 2 inches. He’s 6 inches long and becoming agressive. We added two lepoard danios and one golden algea eater to the tank. The danios are about 1 inch long, but that algea eater, Zippy, is almost as long as Ruby. The 10 gallon tank isn’t big enough anymore.

One of my husband’s friends is selling a 40 gallon tank along with a cabinet. Needless to say, we’re buying it from  him. 🙂 My husband is excited to say the least. Like a little kid waiting for Christmas. His mind is overflowing with ideas for the tank. It’s adorable really. I’ve had to ban him from looking at websites with decorations. I think he’s ignored me. *laughs*

A hunk of driftwood for Ruby to hide under will have some moss placed on it, hopefully to grow across the wood. Lights will be added to the bottom with plants overtop. The little fish need somewhere to hide when Ruby is in a mood. Perhaps more room will make Ruby less cranky.

Our son can’t wait to get a bigger tank as it will be in his room. Plus, the friend raises and breeds reptiles and promised a tour for our son. Lizards, snakes and turtles, oh my!

But the most important thing of all… I will have day to myself. Whoo-hoo! Who doesn’t love a lazy Saturday with nothing to do?


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