Rambling about life

Free book and lazy Saturday

As promised, yesterday I posted the coupon to get Magic Resistant for free. It’ll be good until Monday morning for those who want to read a copy.

Each weekend I think I’ll do some editing, writing, something to do with my novel. And each weekend it doesn’t happen. My kid is a very energetic 6 year old who doesn’t have an off switch. He loves to talk. I’m pretty sure he gets it from his father. (Okay, it’s from me!) Which means I don’t get much time to think and writing would consist of a lot of weirdness. He loves Minecraft and paranormal romance just doesn’t have a place for it. Creepers exploding, building a farm, hiding from monsters at night. Actually that last part might work. *laughs*

We spent some time standing outside the LCBO (liquor store for non-Canadians). No, I wasn’t starting my son on an early life of drinking. He started Beavers this year (Boy Scouts) and today is their apple day. He stood by the doors, looked cute and asked for donations. Those who did donate received an apple as a thank you. For a talkative kid, he certainly shuts up when someone new talks to him. Funny thing is he’s not that shy. Apples are now all gone and we’re having a lazy day of watching TV and playing Minecraft. It’s too cold to spend time at the park.


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