Review: Blood In Fire

Blood In Fire
Blood In Fire by Heather R. Blair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, where to even start with this one. Love it, simply love it. Aidan was everything I’d hoped for when we caught a glimpse of him in the first book. A cocky, confident, intriguing vampire that I just had to know more about. We learned about his past, how he was turned and why he agreed to it when he certainly didn’t want anything do to do with it.
Aidan and Heather made a fantastic couple. It started off as a one-night stand and morphed from there. Their bickering made me smile.
Some parts I had to quickly wipe tears away since I’m at work. Hard to explain why I’m crying when I shouldn’t be reading. *laughs*
We get to see Lacey and Ronan again as well as the Gods, meddling buggers. Bav caused so much pain in her selfishness and yet my heart went out to her.
Now to eagerly anticipate the next book. Is it spring yet?!

**This is an ARC provided to me by the author. My opinions are my own. :)**

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