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Almost done NaNoWriMo

I’ve learned something about myself this past month. I can not constantly write a large amount of words each day. I burn out. My ideas and thoughts swirl around each other, making no sense. I can’t seem to grasp the storyline and plot. My mind jumps everywhere and I hate what I write.
I need the little breaks I take. It gives me a chance to digest what I’ve written and where the story is going. Sure, I have an outline (very bare bones) but the characters evolve as I write about them. They show me how they would react in a situation and it nudges the story in a different direction sometimes.
Even worse I had no time to read. I’m obsessive over reading. Absolutely love to do so. Usually it’s a book a day but this month I’ve only read one. That’s it, just one! Thankfully the book was fantastic and I loved it. However it showed me how much I was missing by keeping up this pace of writing.
After this month is over, I will go back to my original writing schedule. The next book, Sylvia’s Torment, will be out in January. Five months between books seems like a fair time to me, especially since this book will also include a bonus novella.


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