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Deep Point of View

I’ve been struggling a bit with digging deeper into my character, really getting under the skin of the two main ones. This past month, I’ve scrapped almost three full chapters and over 9,000 words. It hurt to realize how much was either filler or just not that interesting. Characters didn’t make the cut, timelines were off and whole scenes added nothing to the book.

Always looking to improve myself and my craft, I read an article recently about Deep Point of View. Another author shared it in a group I’m part of. It opened my eyes as to what was missing in my writing. I’m barely scratching the veneer when it comes to who my characters are. There is so much more I can show with them and the struggles they are going through. The fear, pain, hatred and love.

In short, these are the four tips:

1. Make your tags disappear.

2. Make your thought words/sense words disappear.

3. Understand your POV character.

4. Understand your POV character’s worldview.

I highly recommend reading this blog post for a better understanding. It’s well worth the read.


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