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Ghost Town – Chapter One

My six year old son wanted me to write him a ghost story. He gave me the plot and the characters. I filled in the rest. And he’s demanded for me to publish the story. So for my hard task master of a child, I’m putting it on my blog. Enjoy!

The ocean breeze drifted across the rocky shore bringing with it the tang of salt and a hint of burning firewood. Bones squatted next to a downed tree, it’s rotting trunk perfect cover for him. It wasn’t often he tried consciously to hide from others as it came naturally to him. Bones had no corporal form, a ghost in more simple terms.

The ringing of metal against metal held his attention. Two humans fought near their campfire, slashing each other in earnest. Shouts and grunts accompanied every clang. Other humans circled around them, their yelling indecipherable and paper clutched in their tight fists.

One of the fighters slipped, dropping to one knee. The other man took advantage and pressed the tip of his blade against the fallen opponent. Silence descended upon the crowd, eyes riveted.

“Yield or die!” The victor’s voice boomed across the distance, travelling to Bone’s ears with ease.

After a moment’s hesitation, the defeated human flung his sword to the side. Cries rose from the crowd, some jubilant, others angry. Paper exchanged hands.

Bones slipped further behind the tree, not wanting the humans to catch sight of him. Many walked away from the fire, disgusted.

Read Chapter Two here


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