Making my son happy, Writing exercise

Ghost Town – Chapter Two

Read Chapter One here

“Well, what did you learn?” Chet asked.

“I forgot how easily distracted humans are. Were we like that? Centuries of death has burned away the memories.” Bones lamented.

“We were all like that. The living doesn’t realize what they have. They squander it with pettiness. It matters not. We will take the town from them.” Chet floated above the chair, not caring how it look to others. He no longer maintained any human pretenses.

“And the weapon is ready?” Bones pulled his wandering thoughts away from the humans. They were merely obstacles to overcome. The town will belong to the ghosts, making slaves out of any who stay behind.

“Yes, the weapon is ready. Jade tested it earlier today”

“Good, we use it tonight. I want the town cleared so we can take over. I want the magic.” Bones drifted away from Chet, his mind consumed with the unlimited energy hiding within the earth beneath the town. The stupid humans couldn’t feel the power, had no clue what they’d built their houses upon. Bones knew. And nothing would stop him from gaining control of it.

Read Chapter Three here

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