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Ahh, minecraft…Β  my child’s current obsession. And he’s dragged me along with him. When he first told me about it (at five years old), I was hesitant. He’d found the game on youtube and watched hours upon hours of videos. Not all at the same time, mind you. He needed some time to convince me to get him this game. πŸ˜‰

So, caving to his highly intelligent tactics of “Please, mommy, please?” with some adorable puppy dog eyes, we bought him a copy of minecraft. And holy crap, that game is not intuitive at all! Make a torch? Pssh! Figure it out. Want some stairs? Good luck! My poor husband had to play the game and spend time tracking down recipes.Β It was such a hardship for him, especially when he told me he needed his own copy. Less than a year later, I needed my own copy. It was no longer fun playing alone. I wanted access to the server a friend was renting.

Some days, the three of us will play on the server. Most days though, it’s me and my little monster, hacking away at creepers, building anything that catches our fancy and creating farms to feed us. And then there are the times he “punks” me. Currently, I have cakes lining my walkway and cows jumping on my bed.

He learned how to read thanks to minecraft. Or at least the bigger words. Cobblestone, redstone, netherrack. Shocked me when he picked these words out with ease. And so damn proud too. We’re a reading family as well as gaming. Yep, some days I feel like I’m not screwing him up. πŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “Minecraft”

    1. Yeah, in order to play any LAN games, we each needed an account. And, of course, to play on the server. I figured for $30, it ended up costing almost as much for a new game as it did for the 3 of us. Even better, we’ve had months of entertainment from it.


      1. Stampycat is favorites here too. I will hvento he k out dantdm. Well, Coral will, lol. She is addicted to minecraft videos. I use them to bribe her into reading, because adhd and mild dislexia do not make a happy reader. But minecraft vids are good motivstion, lol!

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  1. I rent our own Minecraft server so that my daughter, her cousins, and all her friends can play together in our own world. It’s a wonderful game, and it teaches kids so much! It teaches reading, math, logic, strategy, economics, and a lot more. I highly recommend it for all ages.


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