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Ghost Town – Chapter Three

Read Chapter Two here

“The cannon is set up and ready for use, Bones.” Jade’s usual high pitched tones were hushed. For once, she showed proper respect for their mission.

“Good. While they sleep, all snug in their warm beds, we attack. Cut them down before they can rally against us.” Bones snorted with laughter. “Then again, these humans have no idea how to fight us. They’re pathetic. We’ll have the town before daybreak.”

Chet floated closer to Jade and stared longingly at the sleek piece of technology. Bolted to the ground, its black body blended into the surroundings. He said, “I’ll use the cannon while you two lead the charge. The others need to see their leader out front.”

Bones nodded and turned away from the weapon. Several hundred ghosts hid behind the hill, waiting for instructions, anxious to finally claim land as their own.
His voice rang out, clear and crisp. “On the count of ten, the cannon will fire. It will knock the humans flat on their asses, leaving them vulnerable to us. Do not kill if you can avoid it. We don’t want any vengeful ghosts disrupting our plans.”

Facing the town, Bones lifted his arm and counted down. When he reached one, he dropped his arm. The cannon fired, releasing a sonic charge designed to attach the human nervous system. The ghosts cried out and swarmed over the hill.

Read Chapter Four here

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