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Ghost Town – Chapter Four

Read Chapter Three here

Screams, some harsh and loud, others a wailing against death, filled the air. People were hurt, shocked at such an outcome. The ghosts swarmed the town, taking advantage of the confusion their cannon had caused.

Bones yelled orders, searching for the humans who might fight back. Many would not, though, their spirits broken along with their homes and bodies. Jade and Chet both sped through the air, abandoning the cannon. It had no use now. It had served its purpose.

“Bring the leaders to me. I will make an example of them!” Bones commanded. This town was his and no one would dare to fight back. Not after he showed them the price of disobedience.

Within the hour, a mass of bodies huddled in the town square. An unending moan of pain vibrated from them. The leaders, three of them, knelt before Bones with straight backs and lifted chins.

One of them, a tall man with a shave hair and a scar running down his face, spat on the ground at Bones’ feet and sneered, “This is our town and we will take it back.”
Bones laughed as he floated closer. The power of the lay lines boosted his own natural power. So much strength and a near limitless source of energy. This, this was the true reason why the ghosts wanted the town. They would have no worries of fading away, groundless to this plane. No, the lay lines would feed them for centuries or more.

“This is our home now. I’d suggest you humans get used to that idea. We will not leave. Try to force us and you will find just how dangerous of an enemy we are.” Bones floated closer and, in a blur, slammed his essence into the human’s body. Had the man been expecting such an action, he might have succeeded in blocking Bones. Instead, he lost all control of his body.

Bones settled, adjusting to the unfamiliar weight. He curled his borrowed lip in disgust. So limited and lacking. Had he really lamented the loss of his body after death?

He turned to the assembled mass, lifted the arms high and shouted, “We can control you, control your bodies anytime we choose. There is no way of stopping us. Just think of the damage we could do to your fragile shells. Take you to a cliff and jump off. Put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. Kill your loved ones. And we wouldn’t take any damage. Either bow before us or leave. This is your only chance.”

Silence descended. As one, the humans bowed down to their new rulers. Several fell, unable to stay upright due to broken bones. They made no move to pick themselves up. Bones flicked a sharp glance to the two leaders and both grudgingly dipped their heads. He made a mental note to keep an eye on them.

With a quick push, Bones exited the human, grateful to leave behind the cumbersome reminder of mortality. Chet and Jade flanked him, a show of power and solidarity. The rest of the ghosts gathered behind them and cheered.

This was their town.

Ghost Town.

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