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A new week, a new dollar.

A nice, pretty, shiny dollar just for me. Not sure what I’ll spend it on, gum perhaps. Or maybe some candy. Or even better, hard drives that don’t fail! 😉 These week I had to reinstall software after two hard drive failures for my agents. Another team images them and I go through the rest of the installation. Quite fun when I find out this morning at 10 am that one has failed and it needs to be replaced by 2 pm. *sigh*

It makes me realize what a geek I am, though. Stressed out, rushing to get it done, fixing the errors that pop up and loving it. My job doesn’t entail much in the way of computer repairs anymore. Not that I classify installing software as repairs. I do miss ripping a computer apart and figuring out what’s wrong. Nothing more satisfying than hearing the POST beep and seeing it load the OS without any errors. Perhaps one day I’ll get there again, but for now, I’ll stick with this job. While I don’t get much opportunity to rip a computer apart, I do get time to read and write. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A new week, a new dollar.”

  1. Don’t you just LOVE computer problems? We actually have 2 laptops in our house because my husband and I both have to use them for school/work whatever. The other day one of them broke and I almost had a mental breakdown because I’m useless with them. You can always come to my house, rip apart my laptop, and figure out what makes it go ‘tick’ 😉


  2. As long as the computer problems aren’t mine, then yes, I do love them. *laughs* I’ve been fixing computers for about 13 years now, some years over the phone, some years hands-on. I miss the hands-on stuff.
    Sorry to hear about the laptop! It’s so frustrating when computers go down, especially if you can’t fix it yourself and you have to rely on someone else. Ugh.


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