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Ten on Tuesday with Veronica Del Rosa

Check it out! Jen Winters and I had a nice chat about, well, me. 😉

Jen Winters is an Indie Author


Please welcome Veronica del Rosa today! I met Veronica on Goodreads when I first published Kissing Demons. She read and reviewed and through her help, influence, encouragement, and support I have become a much better writer and supporter of indie authors. Without her, this blog would not exist and my novelette would never have been conceived much less written and published. So, enjoy this little tidbit from her and go get her books! Seriously. They are fantastic!

You write paranormal romance. Do you read it as well?

Oh yes, I adore reading paranormal romances.  There are so many series and books I’ve devoured over the years that I’ve lost count of them. The great news is I can re-read and still have them fresh since I usually forget all the ins and outs.

Is there an author that makes you strive to be a better writer? Who is it and…

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