Interview with Indie Authors

Heather R. Blair – Fangirl Worthy Indie Author


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do when you’re not writing?

READ!! Lol Okay, I also paint and try and spend time with my four kids and get outside when it’s not -40 out.

Well, that was just a silly question, now wasn’t it? Of course you read. 😉 How did you chose paranormal romance as the genre to write in?

No rules, obviously. Meaning I can create whatever crazy, wild world I want. And I love it. I just LOVE PNR.
I love the tortured heroes that immortality, or near-immortality, makes possible. The endless fascinating histories to explore, I adore all the possibility of this fascinating genre.

Ah, the tortured hero. Yep, those are my favourites, too. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it all purely imagination?

Oh, I think everything you write is both. I may have never met a vampire or a werewolf, but I think we all know what it is to feel different or strange or misunderstood. I use aspects of my past, sure, I used to be an audio engineer and stage hand, and that comes through in a lot of the music-obsessed characters I write. I also paint. And I’ve also worked as a maid, a cocktail waitress and a factory worker. Whatever life experience you have, you use it, whether you realize it or not.
I prefer to write about places I have actually been, but I have written a lot about Ireland and I have never been there….until next month, that is!! 😉

Can’t wait to hear about your experiences in Ireland. 🙂 Who was your favourite character to write and why?

Of all my characters, vampires Aidan O’Neill and Maximillian Gray have given me the most laughs. Aidan’s introductory scene in Smoke in Moonlight remains one of my fave ever scenes. Aidan popped into my head like that, this full-on, cheeky Irish bad-ass. And Max… Max, is the quintessential suave vamp, he’ll compliment your taste in clothes while he’s ripping your heart out.
I also have had a lot of fun with Scott Davidson, an elemental para (psychically-gifted human) though a lot of heartbreak, too.

Scott, my poor Scott, I’m waiting for his story. What project are you working on right now? *fingers crossed it’s Scott’s story*

Phoenix Broken is next up, book #3 in the Phoenix Inc. series. This UF series really has its claws in my heart. So much happened in Phoenix Fallen, as I am sure you can attest. 😉 That book was a heartbreaker and this next book isn’t going to be any easier (stock up on Kleenex). There will also be a lot more action, and I’ll start getting more into other unusual paras who work at the foundation, along with at least one shade; a werewolf by name of Alicide (not THAT Alicide, lol).
Mags will also be back and Scott, Kelsey, Jules, and Miles, of course. That French vampire is another favorite of mine. Daimen Cross will also be back and he’s definitely going to back up his threat to go after everything and everyone Jules holds dear.
I’m also working on a contemporary novel, my FIRST EVER, a romantic suspense called Clean To The Bone.
Plus, I will be finishing the third book in the Celtic Elementals series this year, too. It’s going to be a hell of a year! :

That is a lot on your plate! And *squee* for Scott! 😉 With so much on your mind, have you ever gone out in public with your shirt on backwards, or your slippers on, and when realizing just said screw it?

Of course! Who hasn’t???

Ha! True enough. Especially us artists types. We can just pretend we meant to do it. 😉 So what are your thoughts on writing book series?

LOVE IT!! I love series, I love novellas that enhance those series or even short story collections about those same series. And lots of novels. Lots!!
I mean, come on… once you find a world you love, why wouldn’t you want to spend as much time there as possible?! I do mix it up, of course. Just to keep things fresh. Bouncing from a more lush, myth-seeped world like that of the Celtic Elementals series to the edgier, fast-paced UF world of Phoenix Inc.

I agree, I’m a series junkie. I think I’ve read one standalone in the last two years. The rest have been series. I’m patiently waiting for your next two books, which brings me to my next question, will you have a new book coming out soon?

The next book release will most likely be Phoenix Broken in July, then Lightning in Sea, possibly in September.

Yay! I can’t wait. With several books now under your belt, what has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

I think EVERY criticism stings, in its own way. But many of them you can dismiss out of hand. Or at least I can, lol.
It’s the ones you can’t that can really hurt – but at the same time, those are the ones you NEED to hear most. They are the ones that make you better.
For me, any time where a reader has said I cut corners, in plot, climax, etc… I don’t like that, because as a reader myself, that is a HUGE pet peeve. I want to be able to believe in the story, start to finish. NO PLOT HOLES!!! lol
As for compliments, I had a beta reader tell me she hated me after reading the draft of Phoenix Fallen, (she didn’t really mean it, she was just a little… upset at the moment, lol) but seriously, that kind of strong emotion, knowing you made someone cry, get pissed, throw their Kindle.
Sadistic maybe, but reaching into someone’s heart and pulling out that kind of emotion… it’s truly priceless. I love knowing I made my characters real for readers, because they are certainly real for me. I also love compliments on language. Even the dreaded ‘poetic’ some authors hate. I don’t. I LOVE that.
I may be a bit of a snob, sue me – but sometimes the new style of fast-paced, super-action filled or snark-based stories gets me down. Oh they’re loads of FUN, don’t get me wrong, but I love stories you want to wallow in, ones that have such richness and complexity and depth that you never quite stop believing that they might really exist somewhere, somewhen… and that if you try really hard, one day you might actually get there.
There is not enough of those kind of stories today, IMHO.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Twitter: @lovelyshivers
Amazon Author Page:

Book Links:

The Celtic Elementals series:
Smoke In Moonlight
Blood In Fire

The Phoenix Inc. series:
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Fallen


Thanks so much for your time, Heather! It was great talking to you. Now keep writing because I need to read Scott’s story.


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