Rambling about life

Getting geeky

My job doesn’t deal with computers as much as I would like. I don’t get to rip them apart,  replace parts or have the excitement of figuring out what’s screwing up. Instead I run reports, look over data and assist on calls when needed. It’s no longer a challenge for me. However I do get a lot of free time to write, so I have no real complaints.
Which means when something geeky comes along, no matter how small, it brings me to my happy place. Today, it’s three monitors at my desk all running from my laptop.  Setting it up, configuring them and seeing the extended desktops is enough to make me smile.
And I just realized while staring at my pretty monitors that I haven’t personalised my desk. No Dr. Who stuff, nothing for Supernatural and not a single thing to say I sit here. Well, that’s a tiny lie… I have a word wheel to help when I’m stuck for a word. *laughs*
Tomorrow is a good day to fix this oversight.


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