Cover Art, My Books

Cover Reveal Time!

Dawn’s Keeper is now with the editor where she will rip it apart, make me cry from her snarky comments – love them! – and help me make it better. To go with this milestone, I also have a shiny new cover and a blurb. Yay!

dawn's keepertwo FBsize

Against his better judgment, Elijah agreed to help Dawn with a mysterious problem. Too bad the ancient vampire wanted nothing to do with him. Prickly and evasive, she rebuffed him until she had no other choice.

Dawn didn’t want or need the help of mere human. She’d survived countless battles since the start of civilization. Now she’s being stalked and spied on in her home. Could she rely on the resourceful yet enigmatic Elijah or was he one of them?

Secrets brought them together. Secrets may destroy the trust growing between them. She was an ancient warrior, a protector of vampires. And he…is not human.

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