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5Q’s with Veronica Del Rosa

Rachel and I had a little chat. She’ll soon release a short story, The Hunter and the Witch, on Smashwords that I can’t wait to read. May 1st, people, circle it on your calendar!

Rachel Chanticleer

Veronica - Copy copy

For today’s 5Q’s, I’ll be speaking with Paranormal Romance author and self-professed geek Veronica Del Rosa. Veronica writes the sexy, action-packed Enforcers and Coterie series–filled to the brim with magic, hot heroes, and kick butt heroines you would not want to mess with. I got to know Veronica through Goodreads, and I’m so glad I did. Now… Time for my 5Q’s!

Why did you start writing? I was complaining to my husband about a crappy book I was reading and he kindly told me to do better then. Okay, it wasn’t kind. It was pretty much a put up or shut up statement. *laughs* So I started writing and got hooked.

What’s your favorite thing about being an author? The ability to create worlds and transport other people to them. Having someone else rave to me about what happened in one of my books and talk about the characters as if they…

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