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Night Out

I have a confession to make. I’m in my mid-thirties, and I’ve never had sushi, sashimi or maki. Nope, not even once. Another confession, I don’t really like seafood. My parents are positive I’m not their child. You see, I come from an East Coast Canadian family. Mom’s side is from P.E.I. and Dad’s side is from Nova Scotia. Seafood is in their blood. I can tolerant small amounts of fish, as long as it’s not too “fishy” tasting. I’m okay with lobster and a tiny bit of shrimp, but pass that, no thanks!

My husband loves seafood and so does our 6 year old son. They don’t get to eat it as often because I’m not a fan. Although in most cases, if my husband cooks it, I’ll try it. He’s a fantastic cook and can make most things taste delicious.

Tonight we’re going to a Japanese restaurant that’s mainly sushi and all it’s derivatives. The kid has been jumping with excitement since we told him. Last night he said, “Mommy, do you know what tomorrow is? It’s Friday and we’re getting sushi! I’ve never had sushi, but I know I’ll love it.” Yes, kid, I’m sure you will.

My husband and I made a decision to try new restaurants in our area. We don’t do a lot of take out, and when we do, it was the usual fast food. However we want our son to expand his taste buds, and we want to enjoy a variety of foods ourselves. Since we live in Toronto, that’s not a hard thing to do. So many different cultures and cuisines. Last week it was Indian-Hakka food. The kid devoured chili calamari. He kept yelling, “It’s hot, it’s hot! I need more rice. But I can’t resist it.”

Damn, now I’m hungry. 

What’s your favourite cuisine?

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