Rambling about life

A day at the park


As we were walking to the park, I asked my kid, “What’s the rule?” He said, “Don’t hurt anybody.” I said, “That’s a good rule to have all the time, but the one I’m talking about is the park is your time.”

What I mean by that, and he understands, is he plays by himself or with other kids while at the park. He doesn’t ask me to join him and he’s doesn’t sit, sulking that no other kids are playing with him. He’s a social kid, although sometimes a little shy.

When we first starting coming to the park, he would sort of wander around aimlessly. Might have been because he was four years old. 😉 I would play with him a bit and then direct him to other kids his age. Now, at almost seven, he happily approaches other kids and talks to them.

I like to think this will help him later on in life. I was a painfully shy child who didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. As most parents do, I want better for my kid and if that means I don’t play with him at the park, then so be it.

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