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I love camping. No, scratch that, I adore camping. But I have to admit, I’m a little bit of a snob. We don’t do campgrounds, ever. No running water, no electricity. Our only concession to comfort is a cot. Last year we splurged on a lightweight cot for the both of us, but not the kid. He’s still young enough to brave the ground. My hips can’t take it anymore. Getting old sucks. 😛

Our spot is gorgeous, situated between two lakes and on Crown’s Land. The only way to find this place is if you know someone who’s been before.  And if you don’t behave, you will never be invited back. One year we had someone decide they didn’t like the way the fire pit had a rock overtop. So he broke it. Yep, first and only time he came up and he destroyed something that had been there for decades. He almost found his body tossed in the woods for the wild animals. Instead we banned him from ever coming again.

Last summer, friends came up with their two kids, age 7 and 9. My 6 year old was ecstatic. Before that, he’d been the only child, the rest of us adults. So there was a lot of “Play me with!” coming from him. Now, we don’t see him for hours on end while they explore the woods. And don’t worry, the kids know where they can and cannot go, plus all three are equipped with an emergency whistle. They’d also tested it out when one of them got scratched up. No panicking, just rushed back to get the adults, all the while blowing their whistles.

The point of this post… I’m going camping next weekend! May 24, Victoria Day in Canada, falls on the 18th this year. I’ve already booked off Friday, most of our gear is packed and I’m so freaken giddy. It’s the first trip of the year. Now that the kid is bigger and we have other kids coming, we’ll go several times over the summer. Whoo-hoo!


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