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A lonely profession?


I know, I know, this should be chapter 4 for Elijah the Bloody. Well, these past few days have been a tish bit busy, what with me gearing up for camping. My mind has been focused on that, and trying to get other things done before I disappear into the woods for four days. *squeal* I do so love camping.

So what’s up with the title then, eh? When I first started writing, I had a few facebook friends who encouraged me and enjoyed the stories I wrote. Although, in all fairness, the early drafts sucked. I’m just glad they didn’t tell me to quit writing because I’m horrible at it. *laughs*

However, my friends aren’t writers. They don’t understand the slightly insane thoughts and doubts that plague us. This is horrible. Why can’t my brain think of the correct word?! I’m never writing again! Why did I think I could ever do this?! And yet the thought of never writing again makes me nauseous. I love creating worlds and characters. Even when it frustrates me, the end results make it worth while.

About a year ago, I joined Goodreads. First it was because I wanted to network. And then I fell into the groups that enjoyed the same kind of books as me. I started buddy reads, discussions and even joined a group that was for indie romance writers. Surprisingly, I threw my hat into the ring to become a mod for the romance group and was accepted. A wonderful, helpful and fun group, one that I check every day just because I like the people.

Through that goodreads group, I met other authors, ones as passionate about romance as I am. I found people who understood the struggles, the doubts, and the fears. Ones who helped me with blurbs, cover art, critiques, and gave me encouragement when I needed it. They actually wanted to read my snippets, speculate over which character would appear next and fangirl with me. And I found some amazing authors whose work I adore.  I’m a fangirl at heart and I have no problems expanding my obsessions. 😉

In fact, two of them I talk to through facebook on a daily basis. We send each other cover art so we can ooh and ahh over them. Squeal over reviews. Ask for little beta reads to tweak a scene or if it draws forth the correct emotions. Still not over my little crying breakdown at work… good thing I sit in an isolated cubicle. And we talk about life in general. I look forward to talking to them both. Aww, sappy moment!

I found my amazing, talented, and simply fantastic cover artist through one of them. I’ve already had Julie create four covers and she’s working on my fifth. They blow my mind. And she’s agreed to create the covers for my other series as well. Whoo-hoo!

My editor started off as a beta reader for me. She’d read one of my books, liked it, and offered to beta read the next one. So, very hesitantly, I sent her Sylvia’s Torment. I wasn’t expecting much, maybe a “I liked this, didn’t like this” kind of thing. Nope, it was red marked so much I could barely see where my story was. And I loved it! Her comments were snarky and spot on. I spent most of my time laughing through the edits at this comment and that. By the time I finished Sylvia’s Torment, it was completely different and so much better than anything I could’ve produced on my own.

I’d just received Dawn’s Keeper back from her and again her observations are spot on. She’s amusing, friendly, and does a great job of pointing out where I’m going wrong without hurting my feelings. And goodness knows, authors are sensitive when it comes to their “babies” even when we try not to be. *laughs*

So yes, writing can be a lonely profession since writers spend so much time in their own heads. But when we find that connection with others, ones who share the same passions, it’s an amazing thing.


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