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Camping Trip – Pictures!

Perhaps you remember that last week I mentioned my camping trip. No? Are you sure? Hmm, maybe I didn’t gush enough about it. That could be why it didn’t make an impression. 😉 Well, lucky you! I’ve got pictures. It’s almost as bad as a slideshow of someone’s vacation. Almost….

The top lake. There are two lakes, and this one feeds into the bottom one by a little creek.
This is some of our tents. We scattered about this year.


Night time jousting! Mike decided two long poles were better than one. Until he spun around in a circle after being hit.
Fireworks! Don’t worry, we were safe with them. We’re right next to the lake on a giant rock. And only one firework was tossed into the fire.
Yep, new and important rule: NO THROWING FIREWORKS IN THE FIRE, even if we think they are duds.
Dodging them is not fun. I don’t care what anyone else says.
Our homemade oven. We had biscuits with a chocolate layer. Yum!
Crazy dog tried to get into the tent… while it was still zipped up.
Ahhh, much better! And yes, that is a sleeping hammock in the background. Not mine. I’m not brave enough. 😉
Another view of the top lake.
This amazing bridge was built with only 8 nails and was handsawed. Yes, I think Sean was crazy… or just had a lot of time on his hands. Either way, fantastic job!
Our camping pit. Soon we’ll have an oven built off to the side.
My sexy husband and the bottom lake.
The upper rock area. Without the bridge, we had to scale up the rocks. Looks easy, but was a bit of a pain.
Our main meeting area, around the warm campfire. We had the canopy up for either rain or shine. The sun gets pretty damn hot up there.
And I leave you with another gorgeous view of the lake. *sigh* I miss being there already.



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