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Jen Winter’s Cover Reveal!

Ooh, look, this time it’s not all about me. Nope, instead I’m showing off the sexy and alluring cover of Jen Winter’s newest book, Fallen Angel. I’ve read her previous books, Kissing Demons and Kissing the Rain, a prequel novella to Kissing Demons.

My review of Kissing Demons:

I wavered between 3 and 4 stars as this book wasn’t something I usually read. I’m more into the angst riddled, borderline psychotic paranormal. Kissing Demons was a surprisingly sweet tale considering it dealt with demons, werewolves and Guardians who fight evil.

Geneva, thankfully, wasn’t a TSTL heroine. She was smart, tough and willing to kick ass when needed. Yet she didn’t fall into the trap of smart ass bitch to get her point across. A strong woman and one I quite liked.

Alex, sadly, we didn’t get to see much of him as it is first person POV. And for part of the book, they were apart. I would’ve liked some more interaction between them. I’m a sucker for werewolves. 😉

I’ve been lucky enough to read a few snippets from the second book in this series and all I can say is “Yes, please, give me!”

When Kissing the Rain came out, which is free on Smashwords, I grabbed it as quickly as I could. Damn glad I did, and my review explains why:

This is a prequel, a little snippet into the world of the Guardians. And what a fantastic concept, the Guardians who protect the Divine Plan. Angels, demons, vampires, weres and just so much excitement. Although, much of that occurs in the next book. Sorry, I’m jumping ahead. 🙂

This one is about Alex, half-werewolf and half-incubus. His demon father is calling all his children to Texas for a very evil plan.

I loved, absolutely loved, this novella. It really shows the growth of Jen Winter’s writing. The descriptions are vivid and drew me right in. Read it, enjoy it, be excited for the next book. 🙂

The next book, oh-la-la… yumm, sexy Ambrose, a fallen angel who simply desired to do his job. He wanted nothing to do with the war raging between Heaven and Hell. And the blurb for this intriguing book, why I have it right here… *pats pocket* Shit, I was sure I had it around here somewhere. Uh-oh, Jen’s gonna sic some evil demons on me. I better find that blurb.

Wheew! Here it is. Nobody tell Jen about this, okay? Our little secret. 😉

What’s worse than losing your job? How about losing your life, your home, and everything familiar? I just wanted to work. What did I get in return? A long fucking fall with a sudden stop.

Stranded on Earth with little hope for survival and an eternity of banishment ahead of me, I did the only thing I knew – I worked the jobs I could. Until I realized I’d been replaced. Then I got mad.

Eleven thousand years of fighting for my destiny had me broken, bitter, and ready to give up. And then my best friend blew up Fort Worth and screwed the entire universe in the process. Now I have to save his ass from everyone including the Guardians.

I hate the Guardians – those intrusive vixens replaced me, took over my job, and left me utterly useless. But this one, Lavinia, she’s almost as old as I am and she is starting to get under my skin. I can’t concentrate when she’s around – everything about her mystifies me and why the hell do I remember her from before? She shouldn’t even exist! And certainly not in my memory.

Damn…. yes indeed, I need to read this book. Less than a month to go! June 17th is the release date, so mark it on your calender, set an alarm and pre-order that sucker when it’s available. If you haven’t already read the other two, do so! You can find Kissing Demons here at Amazon or here at Smashwords. And the prequel novella Kissing the Rain can be found here at Amazon or here at Smashwords.

Now there was something else Jen told me I had to do, or she’d hunt me down. Ah-ha! The whole point of this post, a delicious cover created by the sweet and talented Julie Nicolls. Are you ready for this? Prepare yourself because it’s fucking amazing. Oh, and it was painted in photoshop. I know! Told you Julie’s talented.

Falling Angels cover


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