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Featured Author: Veronica Del Rosa

I spend a little time with Kat discussing myself, writing, and my books.

Kaleidoscope Heart Book Reviews

We have a very special guest today. She is not only a multi (self) published author of paranormal romance slash urban fantasy but she is also a contributor to KHBR – please welcome, Veronica Del Rosa!

She is also a co-moderator along with myself (Kat) and Rachel in our romance writers community on Goodreads: Read Romance, Write Romance.

I’m super excited to feature her. Her books are fast becoming one of my favorite series – and with each book, it just keeps getting better! I know she has more in store for us and will continue to surprise along the way. 🙂

Her latest project, Dawn’s Keeper, is soon to be published (June 15, 2015) and KHBR has been given an ARC. You can check out our review – simply click here. It was reviewed by me too! I absolutely loved it which is pretty obvious with…

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