Elijah the Bloody

Elijah the Bloody – Chapter Five


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Elijah trailed behind Tamhas, wary of another attack. Few had the ability to sneak up on him, since he’d trained himself to use his mage sense in battle. Human, werewolf, mage, vampire, it made no difference. He tracked them all and with pinpoint accuracy.

“Does the invis mage behind us wish to harm me? If so, I will chop his head off,” Elijah casually stated to his guide.

Tamhas stopped, and whirled around. “Do you see him? I’ve heard some Resistants can see the outline of those invis’ed.”

Elijah shook his head. “No. His essence.”

A large grin lit up Tamhas’ face. “I think you’ll be interesting to have around, Elijah the Bloody. Can you teach this ability, tracking by essence?”

The mage behind him scoffed, “He’s lying.”

“And you’re an idiot,” Elijah said without any heat. He had nothing to prove. While he had retired from the King’s army, he had done so on his own terms with enough riches to last him another hundred years. If this ragtag group had nothing to offer him, then he would walk away.

“Quiet, Arkale,” Tamhas snapped, glaring at a spot behind Elijah.

Elijah flashed a half-grin at the other man and then gestured to the right of Tamhas. “He’s standing next to you. If you like, I can punch him in the nose. Not sure what it’ll accomplish, but I’d feel good.”

Tamhas snickered and flicked his fingers. “Come, I’ll introduce you to the others. Sonja! Clothes for our guest!”

They entered the castle, the crumbling walls disappearing once Elijah crossed the threshold. Not that the illusion had fooled him once he realized he had spotted the magic. People streamed out of the doorways, filling the courtyard. The native races of Earth didn’t surprise him. The demon and Fae, however, did.

Elijah leaned over and whispered in Tamhas’ ear, “Why is there a demon here? And a Fae?”

Tamhas slowly turned to him, his eyes widening. “What? They shouldn’t be here.”

Hand resting on the handle of his throwing axe, he ambled over to the demon first. Their kind caused more destruction than the Fair Folk. They killed indiscriminately whereas the Fae had convoluted plans before they destroyed lives.

“Greetings, friend,” Elijah said with a cheerful grin. “Why are you here?”

Brows drawn in confusion, the plain looking man stared for a moment before he replied, “Same as everyone else. I want to help stop the race wars.”

“And what race are you?”

All expression faded from the man’s face and in a low voice he flatly said, “You already know. And now you want to ruin the life I’ve made here.”

For a long moment, Elijah studied the demon, wondering if he meant harm to the occupants of the castle. Could he trust a demon?

“I need a sparring partner,” Elijah responded, trusting his instincts. “What’s your name?”

“Jestin. And I don’t spar.”

“You do now.” Elijah glanced at the Fae and demanded, “And your name? You will join us. One on one isn’t fair to Jestin.”

The Fae sneered at Elijah. “Caymus. And unlike Jestin, I do spar.”

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