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Ooh, an interview with me and just in time for the release of my latest book, Dawn’s Keeper.


Veronica del Rosa has quickly become one of my fave UF authors EVER. She writes fast-paced, sexy stories with a lot of wit and intrigue. And the world-building is well, ….out of this world!

Human, Fae, Mage, Demon, Vamp and Werewolf. All are represented by the Coterie and all are regulated by the powerful Enfocers. If you like your UF with a lot of heart and pure evil fun, you need to give the Enforcers and Coterie series a go.

Veronica is my bestest writing buddy, we chatted recently about her upcoming new release, Dawn’s Keeper(it’s out TODAY, *SQEE*!). Dawn is a vampire, but not like one you’ve ever met before:

Cotton Candy

Pick it up NOW on Amazon –Dawn’s Keeper

dawn's keepertwo FBsize

And just LOOK at that gorgeous cover!! *sigh* I love it!!

We also discussed the joys of writing hot smart-aleck MCs, why writing UF is awesome and how gaming can influence style with…

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