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Posting About the Positive

Way to go, Jen!

Jen Winters is an Indie Author

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We all have those moments in our lives that we remember as being fun or eventful and wonderful. I remember pushing that publish button for Kissing Demons and feeling so excited.




I was so naive.

11390129_1062337367127796_4090564336351415176_n (1)

After I hit that button, things got HARD! I realized I was WAAAAYYYY behind on the learning curve for Indies. I spent a couple of months just learning the ropes of being an indie author and it was both fun and hard. Well, today is a new day and a new step for me. I just published my second novel Falling Angels. When I hit that button, I literally threw up. With KD I was excited and happy and hopeful, this time I was so nervous that I actually vomited. It was because I know now what I didn’t know then: being an indie is a tough gig and it takes a LOT of…

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