Elijah the Bloody

Elijah the Bloody – Chapter Seven

Read Chapter Six here

The weeks passed quickly, a blur in Elijah’s mind. His days were spent training with Tamhas to control his magic and his evenings spent sparring with Caymus and Jestin. They were interesting opponents, ones willing to use any advantage at their disposal. Some might call it trickery. Elijah, however, approved of their tactics. Honour meant nothing when death was involved.

“Tamhas, you haven’t explained your familiarity with magic resistance, and you ignore me each time I ask. Why?” Elijah said, exasperation lacing his words. He dragged a tired hand through his sweat soaked hair. Why had he ever thought magic was easy? It was bloody exhausting.

The other mage flicked him a glance before walking away, his usual response to Elijah’s inquiries. With a shake of his head, he replied, “There is nothing to explain.”

Elijah gripped Tamhas’ arm, effectively stopping him from leaving. Decades of battle had made him physically stronger than most of the warriors here, including the man training him. Not many could break his hold with the exception of Caymus and Jestin thanks to their respective races.

“Stop treating me like an idiot. You’re not resistant, and neither is anyone else here. And yet you have intimate knowledge of how to cast with resistance.”

“I don’t care to talk about it. That person is no longer in my life, and it’s a painful subject.” Tamhas tugged his arm and Elijah released him. Elijah glared at him for a moment. Could he force the information from him? Possibly, but then he’d need to leave this place. No one would trust him if he harmed their leader.

“Fine. It’s time for my training with Caymus and Jestin.” He stalked to the exit.

Tamhas’ voice stopped him. “Care to explain your fascination with my best and worst fighters? You don’t talk to them outside of the training room, and I’ve heard all others are banned from there when you three are together. Why?”

“I like the challenge, and I don’t want to embarrass your men when they lose to me.” Elijah responded, not wanting to reveal their true races if they were in hiding. He should have realized the other mage knew more than he let on.

“I know who they are. Jestin the incubus and Caymus the Faery. I let them stay because they haven’t caused any problems. It’s the same reason why I allow Elijah the Bloody to stay. Don’t mistake me for a fool.” An edge crept into Tamhas’ voice. “Why are you training in secrecy with them?”

“Because your other warriors are easily defeated, and I would hurt them. Jestin and Caymus heal whatever damage I cause. And I didn’t want others to know their race if it wasn’t common knowledge.”

Tamhas nodded and flicked his fingers to dismiss Elijah. Spinning on his heel, he left the room to track down his next appointment. He had the need to release pent up frustration in the form of physical punishment.

His mind kept circling back to the question of why. Why was an incubus and a Faery here? Why was Tamhas hiding them? And why had they revealed themselves to him?

Read Chapter Eight here


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