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I’m not a huge birthday person, in fact I’m not much for big celebrations. I like small get-togethers where I can spend time talking with other people. Large parties give me a headache, and I feel lost in the crowd.

Yesterday was my birthday. We didn’t do much for it, had take out from our favourite Indian restaurant, and then husband played Batman while the kid watched. Quite frankly, I enjoyed it. Even when my husband wished me a happy 25th birthday and the kid yelled, “You’re not 25, you’re 36!” Thanks kid, no supper for you! 😉

While it would be nice to spend time with other family members, they’re a few hours away. Instead I’ll make due with birthday wishes online from them. That and we’ll see them for the kid’s birthday in a few weeks.

Two other unusual things occurred on my birthday yesterday, ones that did give me a huge smile. A group I’m part of on Goodreads does a sales boost on an author’s birthday. I had several people buy one of my books so I could have the pleasure of seeing a sales spike. That was a fantastic feeling, and I’m so grateful to be part of such a wonderful group of people.

The other thing was finally getting my ass in gear and formatting my books for CreateSpace. That in itself was not fun. But seeing the cover art my wonderful cover artist, Julie, made for me was. Magic Resistant is currently uploading to me which will take a while because it’s freaken huge! CreateSpace wants it in PDF, so I’m patiently waiting for it. Then I’ll finish the rest of the process. Soon I will have paperbacks for each of my books. Yay!

I decided with the books, instead of having the novellas separate, they’ll be included with their respective novels. Throwing Away the Good is at the beginning of Magic Resistant, Unexpected Werewolf will stay with Sylvia’s Torment, and Assassinated Love will be at the end of Dawn’s Keeper.

I am so effing excited to have them in my greedy little hands. *squeal*


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