Elijah the Bloody

Elijah the Bloody – Chapter Eight

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Marching into the training room, he flicked a finger at his two awaiting opponents before turning around and leaving. He wanted answers, and he didn’t trust this room to be without spies. Elijah didn’t stop until they were well outside the castle grounds. Trees surrounded them, but no other creatures lurked.

“Why are you here?” he demanded, staring at the demon and the Fae.

Jestin snickered at him. “Because you told us to follow you.”

“At the castle, with those unsuspecting people. Would they allow you to stay if they were privy to your true races?”

Caymus dropped his glamour to reveal his handsome face, a beauty unparalleled by another until Jestin also removed his human guise. An incubus had no rival when it came to sexual attraction. Coupled with the pheromones that particular demon race exuded, few, if any, could resist him.

“Are you threatening us, mage?” Caymus asked pleasantly enough. However his exposed, pointed teeth ruined the image.

Elijah smiled, aware both had held back during their training sessions together. Then again, so had he. “No threat. I merely want information. If I’m to join this band of fighters, I’d like to know who’s protecting my back.”

Jestin and Caymus exchanged glances before focusing on Elijah again. Jestin said, “I’m here to feed. There are enough women to assuage my appetite.”

“Children,” Caymus answered, crossing his arms. “I’m to bring children back to Fay.”

Their gazes never flickered from Elijah’s face, and their combined beauty almost dazzled him. He curled his lip and spat out, “Lies. Now tell me the truth.”

Jestin gasped in mock outrage. “I’m not a liar. Are you a liar, Caymus?”

Caymus shot him a dirty look before stating, “I can’t lie. I’m Fae. And the truth would run from you, demon.”

“And will you bring children back to Fay, Caymus?”

“I see you’ve dealt with the Fae before. Ask straightforward questions to pin down the answer. I said I would bring back half-breed children. They don’t exist in this realm. Half human children don’t count. They are not a rarity, and have no magical abilities. Which means I can stay in this realm for as long as I please without repercussions.”

Elijah hadn’t thought a demon or Fae union with a mage could produce a baby. Vampires couldn’t have children, and werewolves only had werewolf children. Why would someone in Fay believe this?

“Is this possible? Has it happened before?”

Caymus stared at him for a moment then nodded. “Yes, but they’ve all died. Their bodies couldn’t survive. I’m to search for any who lived, but it’s an impossible task. A half-breed body needs extra magic, but too much also kills them. It’s a balancing act no one has yet created.”

Elijah could only imagine the nightmare any children would experience if the Fae obtained them. A cruel, pitiless race, they weren’t known for patience or love, both of which a half-breed would require. The difficulties such a child would face…

“What I said was true, I just want to feed,” Jestin said, interrupting his thoughts.

He turned his attention to the demon, filing away the information Caymus had shared. “Where’s the mage who summoned you?”

“Far away from me. And that’s all I’ll say on that subject.” The incubus shuddered before quickly suppressing the involuntary movement. “I haven’t harmed any of the women I feed from, and it’s only from the willing.”

Elijah’s eyebrows shot upwards. “You’re an incubus. That means they’re always willing even if they aren’t.”

“No,” he vehemently denied. “I don’t entice them at all. They see my human guise, and I control my scent around them.”

“So you’re just two harmless, misunderstood men who want a chance at a new life?” he asked skeptically.

Grinning, they both nodded, and Elijah didn’t trust them any more than he had before this little talk.

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