Rambling about life

Gone again

It’s almost that time again… camping! Last trip was cancelled due to thunderstorms.. As much as I love camping, there’s no way I want to do that in while it’s pouring down, especially with an energetic kid who can’t run around.

This time, the weather should cooperate with us. We’ve got one day calling for thunder-showers, but since it’s on Saturday, we’ll have a tarp already set up. We’ll just huddle together under it until the sun comes back out. And then we’ll huddle under it to avoid the heat! 😉

The kids will disappear into the woods, doing whatever things kids do out there. Last time they were building a fort. Don’t worry each kid is equipped with an emergency whistle and they know how far they’re allowed to roam. We’ll probably spend some time in the water at a nearby provincial park, and enjoy delicious food cooked over an open fire. Gawd, I love camping.

Tonight I’ll prep up our food. Chopped potatoes with onions and garlic wrapped in foil, cut bacon in half for breakfast, and get everything into one spot so I don’t forget anything. Last time I forgot my water bottle… sitting on the kitchen floor where the cooler had been. I am a water fanatic; love the stuff. I had to pick up another bottle, but it was icky tasting. Oh well, such is life.

Either way, I’m going camping! Whoo-effing-hoo!!!


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