Elijah the Bloody

Elijah the Bloody – Chapter Ten

I had plans to end Elijah the Bloody at Chapter Ten and start on another short story featuring Horus. Some of the characters in this short story will appear in Chained in Desire, along with more history about the demons. Now, the question is, do you wish for me to continue this short story or start on the one with Horus?

Oh, and if you have a need to read more about Elijah, he’s the main character for Dawn’s Keeper.

Now on to the story!

Read Chapter Nine here

The ruby emitted a faint heat for a moment, reassuring Elijah he hadn’t miscast the spell. From everything he had heard, the gem would have exploded if done incorrectly.

An unfamiliar essence alerted him to potential danger. Was this the demon Jestin spoke of, and would he attack the inhabitants of the castle? Elijah raced out of his room, realizing no one had sounded an alarm. No one knew about the danger!

He pounded on Tamhas’ door. “Wake up. Now.

Tamhas yanked open his door and glared at Elijah. “What?”

“There’s a demon out there, one that Jestin is terrified of, and no one has sounded the alarm.”

The other mage ripped off his nightshirt and quickly tossed on his clothes along with his weapons; mere moments had passed and Elijah had to admit it impressed him. Few could throw off the grogginess from sleep and swiftly dress for battle. “Let’s go and greet our new guest.”

Magic drifted through the air, brushing against Elijah’s exposed skin before it darted into the nearby quarters. Grumbles and muttering erupted from behind the closed doors. Handy little spell to have.

The two mages didn’t wait for the other warriors; instead they raced down the stairs and hurried to the front gate. Tamhas climbed the ladder first, followed by Elijah. From the archway they had an uninterrupted view of the moat, the clearing, and the forest beyond. Opening his senses, Elijah located the demon standing on the other side of the moat.

Where is he? Tamhas sent to Elijah, using the mind-speak spell.

He’s by the drawbridge, he responded with a discreet gesture.

“Demon, show yourself. We know you’re here.” Tamhas’ calm voice broke the silence of the night. The knight next to them straightened, startled out of his mild doze.

A small statured, Oriental man appeared across from them with a peaceful expression. “I mean you no harm. I’m searching for a missing demon of mine. He’s dangerous, and needs to be apprehended immediately.”

“We have no demon here,” Tamhas said while Elijah replied, “Who are you?”

“I’m called the Overlord. I rule the demons on Geryoneis, and this one escaped to your plane of existence. I’ve tracked him to this castle.”

Elijah studied the creature before him. None of the demons had ever given a name to their home; however, none had ever been on Earth of their own free will, untethered by a mage. How did this demon have access to their world?

“There was a demon here, but he’s gone now. Ran from here when he realized you were after him,” Elijah said, gesturing to the forest behind him. “He had tried to steal some weapons.”

The Overlord slowly nodded, pinning Elijah with his gaze. Elijah almost smiled. A demon wouldn’t crack him. He’d spent too damn long in the trenches covered in blood and gore, some of it his own.

“Then I shall continue my hunt for him. I thank you for your assistance.” The Overlord disappeared, although he hadn’t teleported, simply invis’ed himself.

He’s still here. Play along. Elijah sent to Tamhas before saying, “That blasted demon. I told you he’d be trouble. Good riddance to him.”

“I wanted to give him a second chance,” Tamhas replied, resting his hip against the half-wall. “Did he leave anything behind?”

“No, the coward took everything with him when he ran. One of our swords is missing, though. I couldn’t stop him in time. It might be one of the enchanted ones, but I haven’t had a chance to check.”

Tamhas waved a hand, dismissing his concern. “No matter, we can make more. Come, let us finish the night out with some sleep. I’m tired.”

Elijah waited for Tamhas to descend the ladder before doing the same. The deep red of the ruby resting on his finger caught a hint of the moonlight and he smiled. Soon he’d find out more about the Overlord and how he entered this world without a summons. Jestin had a lot of questions to answer.


2 thoughts on “Elijah the Bloody – Chapter Ten”

    1. I was thinking on it. 😉 Some of these answers will appear in Poisoned Message, but I think two more chapters will be written for this. There are some things that I do need to wrap up even though not everything will be neatly tied up in a bow.


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