Elijah the Bloody

Elijah the Bloody – Chapter Eleven

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Elijah exhaled the true name of Jestin, summoning the demon. He sat on his bed, waiting for the blasted bastard to show himself.

“Master, how may I serve you?” Jestin intoned, appearing before Elijah. Wearing his demon face, he smirked before bowing.

“I have questions and you’ll answer them. First, who is the Overlord and why are you frightened of him?”

Jestin donned his human mask, and turned away. A faint shudder wracked his body and he muttered, “You don’t want me to answer that. You truly don’t. Some knowledge, once you gain it, can never be forgotten or ignored.”

“Tell me.”

The demon nodded, faced Elijah again and settled onto the only stool in the room. “He’s a warmonger from Geryoneis, one of the demon planes. He’s conquered three planes already and has set his sights on Earth. He is ruthless and will obliterate any in his path. The Overlord has no mercy, no compassion, and will not stop until he gains what he wants.”

Resting his elbows on his knees, Elijah absorbed the information, and more questions formed in his mind.”How is he here without being summoned? The gateways are all closed.”

A mirthless chuckled from Jestin. “You mages have no clue how many gateways exist between your world and the other worlds. Some have been closed, at least the ones to my home and to another which means we do have to be summoned. As for the Overlord, he’s been here for thousands of years, patiently seeding destruction among your people.”

“How many worlds are there? Can’t we all band together to stop him?”

Jestin shook his head, sadness darkening his all-too human eyes. “It’s not possible to stop him now. He sneaks in, settles into a position of power, and waits to strike. Your world and people will fall to him just as mine did.”

“No, I refuse to believe that. We’ll find a way to stop him, even if it takes a thousand years.”

The End… for now

Jestin and the Overlord will appear in Chained in Desire along with Victor and Isabella.


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