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Final Fantasy XIV

I have a petty confession to make. My husband is playing Final Fantasy XIV and I am so freaken jealous. We both started playing it when it first came out in 2010. In fact, we’d each bought the collector’s edition because we loved FFXI so much. We spent over a year playing that one together until my husband burnt out from leveling a blue mage in less than a week.

After about two weeks of playing FFXIV, we quit. The game was horrible. The fighting system was too cumbersome and it was glitchy. It wasn’t just us who hated it. Square Enix did a massive revamp to the game, but we’d never gone back. By that time, we’d moved from Ottawa to Toronto. My commute was longer and soon I was working two jobs. The two jobs was my choice since I wanted to switch fields.

Anyway, I just didn’t have the time to game. Things have settled down a little bit, but now I’m writing in my spare time, so again, no gaming. Instead I’m watching my husband play, asking him questions about leveling, jobs, gear, and quests. *sigh*

We used to play together for hours on end way back when it was just us. Our introduction to MMORPGs was Everquest back in 2001. And that game was damn hard. We loved it even when we cursed it. Then we went to Star Wars which I hated. Final Fantasy XI which we loved. Jumped to WoW before it was really dumbed down and then off to Everquest 2. I even played Eve for a bit which my husband liked and I hated. I don’t enjoy PVP, so I knew I wouldn’t last long in that game. I’m sure there are a few games I’m forgetting since we loved the shiny and new. 😉

In 2008, our kid was born and I ended up with motion sickness from gaming. Yep, watching the screen now gave me headaches and nausea, so I have to limit my time. These days I play Minecraft and occasionally Terraria with the kid, even though I pay for it afterwards. It makes the little monster happy, though.

A part of me still yearns for the hours of entertainment of video games, travelling the worlds over with my husband by my side while we slaughter innocent and not so innocent creatures, gathering odd bits of items to hand in for quests.

I could give up writing. That would free up some time in the evenings and weekends. 😉


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV”

    1. But, but… video games! What if I finish Victor’s story and then quit? *laughs*
      Naa, I wouldn’t be able to quit. Although I am thinking of ways for me to get some game time in and make the monthly subscription worth it.


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