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Weekend Plans

Ahh, this weekend will be fun and busy. The little monster is leaving tonight to visit his grandmother for the weekend. I think they’re going to a jamboree. It’s either this weekend or the next. Yes, he’s gone for both. Whoo-hoo! Now that’s not to say I don’t love my kid. I adore him to bits, however see previous posts about him. He’s energetic, talkative, and loves his mommy so much that I get no moments of peace. *laughs*

Tonight we drop him off which means Friday night, I’m spending it gaming. Yep, I caved and installed FFXIV. *sigh* It’s so pretty. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet since I couldn’t get on the server my husband was on. The kid did, though. He spent some time yesterday playing and had a blast. A few more years and we’ll have the perfect adventuring party. Me, a healer, husband as the tank or maybe a wizard class, and the kid as an archer. Hmm, okay, we might need to find a solid tank since my husband isn’t a huge fan of the class.

On Saturday, we’re getting a crossbow for my husband. Yeah, don’t ask me. I just smile and nod. He’s done all his research, he knows what he wants, and by golly, he’s getting it! *laughs* He has other friends who will be hunting with him. One with a bow and another with a crossbow. Even if they don’t catch anything, at least he’ll have fun, right?

On Sunday, I’m getting one of my tattoos expanded upon. I already have a maple leaf tat on my right hip so I want three more leaves floating down my side. *squeal* So excited!

And yes, of course I’ll also be writing this weekend. I’m half-way done Chained in Desire, and I’m a third finished For the Love of a Good Fae. Victor is a delicious book boyfriend. Can’t wait for everyone to meet him. I already have his cover done and yummy! Isabella has impressed me, too. I’m totally girl-crushing on her right now.

PS, I’ve got a little sneak peek for Chained in Desire’s book cover. Enjoy! 🙂

Sneak Peak 1 for CID
Everyone knows demons can’t be trusted.

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