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Eye appointment

On a whim I decided to set up an eye exam with a place near me. I haven’t had new glasses in almost three years and these ones have the coating peeling off. I’m not sure if that has been the cause of my more frequent migraine auras but it’s a possibility.

The eye doctor asked if  I was fine getting dilation drops since it’d been a while, like 8 years or so. I figured why not. My eye sight is pretty damn important, so let’s check and make sure there isn’t any issues. Plus last time I had them, I was perfectly fine afterwards.

Well hell, that was wrong thinking. I was messed up after those drops. My eyesight went on me, I got nauseous, and vertigo hit me. I’m sure everything was triggered due to my blurry eyesight, since that’s usually what happens with my migraine auras. All I know is that next time, I’ll expect to be out of commission for at least 4 hours afterwards. Sure it’s only suppose to be 2 hours and your eyes go back to normal, but I just had to be different.

On the plus side, I’m getting new glasses. Yay! For once I could kinda see what I looked like with different frames because I was smart and took pictures. Except I couldn’t effing see, so those were as blurry as if I was looking without my glasses on. I had to send the pictures to my husband so he could tell me which ones looked good. And, um, I kinda look stoned in each of the pictures, all squinty-eyed.

I even set up an appointment for my kid. We’re positive he has great eyesight since we test him on occasion. I’m paranoid he’ll get the bad genes from me, but so far my husband’s genes have won out. Wheew!

2 thoughts on “Eye appointment”

  1. Did you tell your eye doctor what happened after the eye drops? There’s this thing called Narrow Angle Glaucoma… basically the opposite of your average glaucoma. It’s when there’s a part of your eye that has gone very narrow, and the fluid has trouble draining. If it becomes plugged, then you get symptoms like that… Blurry vision, nausea, flashing lights. When you get dilated, it opens up your pupils, but narrows the area that is getting plugged even further. For someone like me, getting dilated is dangerous because it could lead to me going blind if the angles are plugged too long. Far sighted people are very susceptible to it, and family history means crap. (I know of no one in my family who’s had it) I ended up having to have a laser poke a hole through both irises to add an extra drainage point to prevent full angle closure and eventual blindness.

    ANYWAYS. I just wanted to make sure you told your eye doctor, because it could be very important that they know about the symptoms.

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  2. Wow damn, no I didn’t know that. I will keep that in mind though for future reference. I didn’t pay too much attention to it because I get migraine auras on a regular basis, and I figured it just triggered one for me. Since getting vertigo, the auras now include symptoms like nausea and dizziness with the auras. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which one I’m experiencing.


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