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Weekend plans didn’t go as planned…

derailed plans
I meant to spend my weekend writing. I meant to get several thousand words done. Well, you know what they say about plans…

Instead, on Thursday, I was laid off. The company I had worked for had been doing layoffs for the past two years, so it’s not a huge surprise they let me go. I’d been there the shortest amount of time, and I was being paid more than my counterparts. Many of them hadn’t received a raise in ten years, and well, there’s no way I would’ve accepted their job offer if the pay had been on par with theirs.

I’m not bitter or angry over losing my job. Honestly, I’ve been through layoffs before as well as job changes. In the past fifteen years, I’ve worked at five different places. I actually like the first six months of a new job because I love learning new things. The rush of mastering something that previously was unknown to me keeps me happy for a while. Then the monotony gets to me, and I need new challenges.

Due to the layoff, my husband decided to stay home instead of camping. He wasn’t in the mood anymore, especially since it would’ve been with several of my now ex-coworkers. That meant no writing for me. Instead, we spent Saturday watching a tv series called Dark Matter. If you have not watched it and love sci-fi, watch this show! I can not stress that enough. It’s a fantastic show. We’d end one episode and immediately put in the next one until somehow, magically, the day had disappeared.

On Sunday, I spent much of my day in the car. I visited my mom to drop off her copy of Magic Resistant. Of course it’s a signed autographed copy. She would’ve killed me if I hadn’t done so. After I spent some time with my family, I went to my MIL’s to pick up my kid. We talked for a bit, and my kid proved what a crazy, energetic child he is. Love that little monster!

Next week I’ll spend time searching for a new job. This week will be an unexpected vacation that I’ll enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Weekend plans didn’t go as planned…”

    1. I’ll get a month’s pay plus whatever vacation I haven’t taken. Then, in October, I can go on unemployment. It’s not too bad. It’s 55% of my pay up to a max of 42k a year. So it’ll be some cash, although not what I was making. I’m hoping to have a job by October though.


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