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A long read, but well worth it. I enjoy Confession Thursdays, even if I don’t comment often. Gotta wait until they feel me… out. 😉

Trail of the Raven

I took notes while reading through Confessions, a weekly feature on a Facebook blog. If you aren’t aware of them, this may be extremely boring to you. If you are aware of them, it may still be boring to you, but Confessions are taking a week off this coming week, and you are desperate, so there.

On September 10, 2014, the blog, Indie Authors & Books Blogs, began a weekly series known as Confessions. The idea behind Confessions was to give authors, bloggers, and readers an outlet to say whatever they liked (within some reason) anonymously. These posts, converted to Graphics, (brilliant idea), became a meeting place for discussion about anything and everything to do with the book world, (mostly).

Confessions started off slowly, a like or two per post, a comment now and then, but over time they gained a following of Confessions addicts. With posts every half…

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