Book Process

Excerpt from Chained in Desire

This is unedited. I hope you enjoy a little snippet of my upcoming book.

Clenching and unclenching her fists, trying her damnedest to calm her thudding heart, she slipped through the mass of bodies and dodged his footsteps. Vic turned down an empty alleyway and she almost cheered at the turn of her luck. They had travelled far enough that the crowd around them had thinned out. She trailed after him, walking as silently as possible. Nicor would be so proud. He’d lamented several times about her lumbering like an elephant, noticeable to any with sensitive hearting.

Unexpectedly Vic stopped. He remained facing forward, his back to her.

“I hope you have a damn good reason for tailing me, demon. Be warned, if I don’t like your answer, I’ll send you back.” His smooth voice wrapped around her. Shivers glided along her skin, raising goosebumps on her skin and hardening her nipples.

He turned and she struggled to breathe.

Watching him for the past week hadn’t prepared her for the beauty of his face, the perfection of…him. Honey-gold hair spiked around his head, more from fingers running through them than from a conscious styling choice. Hazel eyes widened for a brief moment before narrowing, and he compressed his sensual lips into a hard line.

“Isabella…” His mouth caressed her name, calling forth images of his lips elsewhere. “I’ve been searching for you. And here you’ve been following me for days. Colour me surprised. Time to come home.”

A strange heat tugged at her, brushing against her exposed flesh and slithering under her clothes. It urged her to close her eyes and submit. Enjoy the pleasure only this man could give her and revel in it. She wanted him, desired him, needed him. Her life wasn’t complete without…

The demon within her roared, furious he had used that ability on them. The sound echoed in her mind, shattering the lust curled around her. Isabella took a step back, and she hissed at him, “How dare you…”

Without waiting for a response, she rushed him, dropping her human guise. Claws out, Isabella slashed at his face and he jumped back. She narrowly missed ripping open his face and she grunted in displeasure.

The mage grinned, a smug, arrogant grin that she wanted to punch off his face.

“Temper, temper,” he taunted her, hands in the air and palms out. “Don’t you want to be friends? I suggest you stand down.”

She sneered at him, unimpressed. “Sorry mage, but you need to die.”

His fingers twitched at her words and she dived to the side, flipping in the air to dodge his magic. The magical arrow slammed into the concrete behind her. He tossed another spell at her, one that hissed and sizzled as it sped towards her. Somersaulting to his left, she almost escaped. It brushed against her calf, seizing the muscle into one giant charley horse. An electrical bolt. She’d heard of this spell before and regretted now knowing how it felt.

Gritting her teeth against the pain, she braced her body with one hand and swept out her uninjured leg, knocking him off balance. Vic stumbled but recovered quickly.

Flexing her toes, working the nasty cramp out of her muscle, she shot him an evil glare. Maybe killing him wouldn’t be so difficult.


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